Our Second Creation

Liquid Gold

Our second creation has taken some time to perfect but was well worth the wait! Barrel aged for 6 months in Madeira casks our Golden Rum is smooth and warming, and combines rich Madagascan vanilla with subtle tropical spices.

Deeply Statisfying

After a bracing hike in the surrounding fells and dales our Golden Rum is the perfect tonic to warm and comfort in front of a cosy log fire.

Barrel-aged for 6 months

With sustainably sourced Madagascan vanilla

Tasting Notes & Serving Recommendation

A light caramel sweetness combines with rich vanilla and subtle spices to create a complex and deeply satisfying drink to lift spirits and calm the soul. Nutmeg, almonds and peach notes are also evident with a slight floral aroma.  Pair with your favourite cola or simply sip over ice on a warm summer’s evening.